Legal Entity Incorporation & Registration


If You need assistance with a legal entity incorporation and/or registration, which is actually a serious process, then we are pleased to offer You our high quality services in this regard. 



Foreigner Registration


The company also offers You the service of preparing necessary documentation for migration and of submitting them to the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The service will include the following:





One of the services we offer is accountancy. Despite this is a quiet complex process, we are able to deal easily with this service jointly with our experts with extensive professional experience and qualifications, and we can guarantee the quality and reliable provision of our services. 



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Our Company is pleased to offer You reliable legal services, representation before state authorities and high quality service in settling various issues arising out of accountancy. We provide all types of financial and legal services – incorporation and registration of local companies and joint ventures as well as representations of foreign companies; legal counseling; liquidation of businesses and optimization of taxes; representation of interests in court instances; human resources documentation; keeping accountancy; and etc. You can get information about the services we offer to You from various segments of our website, if You need any further information. Welcome to our website!