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One of the services we offer is accountancy. Despite this is a quiet complex process, we are able to deal easily with this service jointly with our experts with extensive professional experience and qualifications, and we can guarantee the quality and reliable provision of our services.

 The components the accounting services include:

  • Organization of Accounting System

We can design the accounting process in Your entity and make it comfortable as well as enlighten Your in-house experts. We offer consultancy services about all issues You want to learn.

  • Auditing

We can audit the state of works in Your Accounting Department; audit the accountancy; verify accuracy of drafting of preliminary documentation; and conduct analysis of compliance of accountancy in Your entity with laws.

  • Design of Accountanting Policy

Our professionals will study Your operation in detail and we can draft an advanced and optimal accounting policy and an appropriate financial strategy, if needed. 

  • Tax Accounting

We can assist You in calculation of taxes and in choosing the most optimal tax payment system for Your business. We can form Your tax accounting in this regard independently. It may also reduce Your budget expenses and You may save Your money.

  • Consultancy

Our experts can provide You with necessary explanation, commentaries and advises in spoken and written forms and via Internet at any time convenient for You.  

  • Working with Banks

We offer our services in Your necessary operations with banks, in preparation of invoices, in classification and maintenance of banking documents and in preparation of all necessary documentation on Your transactional account.   

  • Reporting

The accountancy process includes preparation of financial statements and declarations. We can execute all works necessary for Your company in a qualitative, professional and responsible manner. 

Entrusting Your accountancy to us, You will get free of pertinent problems. You will also get free of creating new jobs, dealing with logistics, and organizing other necessary matters.