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 HR Records Management

Every business entity using paid manpower and having a staff must keep records of its personnel.

Both supervisors and employees are always specifically interested in formal recording of the employment and in questions relating to calculation of the salaries. That is, non-professionalism in recording labor relations and in composing human resources documents in a business entity may lead to very serious results including criminal liability.

Enjoying our Company’s services, You will be able to get HR record-keeping fully legal, exact and precise. This service includes drafting labor agreements and job descriptions, creating personal folders for each employee, and drawing up salary schedules and related statements. We will not only prepare HR documentation, but also will check precise calculation of salaries and taxes. In addition, we will provide consultancy on questions related to security techniques and its competent presentation.

We can assist You in settling any labor disputes between the personnel and administration amicably and also, in resolution of arisen court disputes without any problem. However, HR records composed competently can manage to avoid many concerns. Let us try to avoid problems!